Trip To Prison

While you normally go to jail for doing wrong and to serve time for your sins. I spent and hour there as I slept wrong on my back. I went for a Massage! As seen on TV: You may have seen it on Idiot Abroad.  In Chiang Mai they have female correctional centre where inmates … More Trip To Prison

Travelling Trees

(This reminded me how it feels to look back on leaving my home in Edinburgh to travel to Thailand for a year….) Travelling Trees.  The nest is safe, The branches amongst a large tree create a window frame into future horizons.  A single beak is rested on the very edge, facing the art with back … More Travelling Trees

Food is fuel… “you won’t believe it’s not bugs”

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” Paul Prudhomme “Some people live to eat and others eat to live”- the MacCalums On the rare occasion I mentioned to the world I was going to Thailand they all said the same thing. I was crazy going for so long and the FOOD IN THAILAND … More Food is fuel… “you won’t believe it’s not bugs”

I got off the plane 

I got off the plane??! She got off the plane. Indeed I got off the plane if you didn’t gather that. Currently 6 days into my adventure; it could well be the greatest decision I have ever made. (I’ve been watching friends season 10 recently hence the opening sentence).  I have arrived safely in Thailand. … More I got off the plane